Tartan to re-release Battle Royale this month!

After a news-article on the SGM Website was brought to the attention of several movie-related forums conjecture was rife as to whether this report was actually true as it states Tartan will re-release Battle Royale in NTSC Anamorphic Widescreen format with Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio and all-new removable Subtitles on May 27th (that’s just two weeks time!).

It would seem that the report is accurate as the webmaster of the superb Battle Royale Online website received confirmation from Tartan and posted the information to the Bullets n Babes DVDs Forums. So it looks like we can expect a far superior DVD release from Tartan of Battle Royale that while lacking the Region 3 discs DTS option should (providing they get everything right) prove to be the best release so far for English speakers. Be warned though this information is till not 100% guaranteed and should be treated as a rumour for now but rest assured we will endeavour to bring you confirmation on these details sometime in the next few days.

Colin Polonowski's review of the Region 3 disc can be found here.

Another release of Battle Royale is due for release in France via M6 Video on 3rd July 2002. Billed as a 'Special Edition' release there are currently no details on what we can expect to find although hopes are high that English subtitles will be included given the fact that M6 Video have released excellent discs in the past that have also featured English subtitles (L'Appartment is one such example). We do have a look at the packaging of this release for you....

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