Tartan release schedule changes

Tartan Video have confirmed some changes to their August/September release schedule along with a change in specs for The Eye: Collector's Edition...

Heimat: Series One - This award-winning TV series has now been moved from the rescheduled August and has been rescheduled for release on 27 September.

Carnages - Delphine Greuze’s debut feature has now been moved from August and has been rescheduled to be released on retail DVD on 27 September

The Eye: Collector's Edition - This modern horror classic will now be released as a single remastered disc with its new DTS-ES 6.1 Discreet Surround and Dolby Digital soundtracks; and will be encoded at optimum bit rate for the highest quality playback. The disc will also include a trailer for The Eye 2. Release is still 23 August.

The film, Three, which was originally scheduled to be part of the two-disc box-set, will now be released separately at an unconfirmed future date.

The Basque Ball - Julio Medem’s powerful documentary about the political and cultural dilemmas of the Basque area of Spain will include a commentary by Spanish cinema expert Robert Stone (who has just completed a book on Julio Medem) and journalist Paddy Woodworth (author of Dirty War, Clean Hands, which offers an overview of the Basque conflict).

The full line-up for August and September follows...

23rd August 2004:

  • Battle Royale II: Requiem
  • Twilight Samurai
  • The Eye: Collector's Edition
  • The Basque Ball

    27th September 2004:
  • Wonderland
  • Japanese Story
  • Heimat: Series One
  • Carnages
  • Ozu box-set (includes Tokyo Story, Late Spring and Taste of Green Tea Over Rice)
  • Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...and Spring
  • Hard Boiled: Collector's Edition

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