Tarantino probably won't helm Star Trek but he will direct episodes of Bounty Law

Tarantino probably won't helm Star Trek but he will direct episodes of Bounty Law

Quentin Tarantino is currently riding high after picking up a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay at the Golden Globes and 10 nominations for the upcoming Oscars next month. In an interview with Deadline he also revealed that he is unlikely to direct the 18-rated Star Trek film he has long been associated with, but will be overseeing five episodes of Bounty Law - the fictional western TV show that featured in OUATIH and starred Leonardo DiCaprio's Rick Dalton.

Speaking about Star Trek to Deadline, Tarantino said: “I think they might make that movie, but I just don’t think I’m going to direct it. It’s a good idea. They should definitely do it and I’ll be happy to come in and give them some notes on the first rough cut.”

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood director had previously said he may also direct the Star Trek film, which now has The Revenant screenwriter Mark L. Smith on-board. That said, it would be something of a surprise if Tarantino chose to close out his directing career within the Star Trek universe.

However, he did confirm that he wants to direct the five full episodes of Bounty Law he has already written. "As far as the Bounty Law shows, I want to do that, but it will take me a year and a half. It got an introduction from Once Upon a Tim in Hollywood, but I don’t really consider it part of that movie even though it is." He went on, "I ended up writing five half-hour episodes. So I’ll do them, and I will direct all of them."

This is likely to be a project for the small screen and although no details are offered about who will provide the backing, given Tarantino's existing relationship with Netflix, they will most likely be the frontrunners. Whether or not he can convince DiCaprio to return to TV for the first time in 20+ years remains to be seen.

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