Talking About Trees trailer: Four Sudanese filmmakers fight to restore cinema in their country

While we in the West pontificate about the nonsense going on during award season and how directors like Martin Scorsese should speak about studios like Disney, in some parts of the world filmmakers are fighting just to keep cinema alive in their country. Talking About Trees is an upcoming release from New Wave shedding a light on four Sudanese filmmakers struggling to restore the art form in their country under the rule of an Islamic dictatorship (leader Omar al-Bashir has since lost power in the country). After the military coup of 1989, most of the cinemas in Sudan were either sold off or left to ruin and they hope to keep the proud history of Sudanese cinema alive for a new generation. Talking About Trees picked up great reviews on the festival circuit and you can watch the trailer above.

Four older Sudanese filmmakers with passion for film battle to bring cinema-going back to Sudan, not without resistance. Their 'Sudanese Film Club' have decided to revive an old cinema, and again draw attention to Sudanese film history.

Sudanese director Suhaib Gasmelbari directs Talking About Trees and we'll have a review on the site ahead of its release on January 31.

Talking About Trees (2019)
Dir: Suhaib Gasmelbari | Cast: Ibrahim Shaddad, Suleiman Ibrahim | Writer: Suhaib Gasmelbari

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