Take This Waltz gallery and featurettes

Not one, not two, not three but FOUR featurettes!

Take This Waltz hits UK cinemas today and we have a great gallery of shots from the film along with FOUR featurettes! Enjoy…

From Sarah Polley, the director of the Sundance award-winning AWAY FROM HER, comes this summer’s must-see romantic drama TAKE THIS WALTZ (in cinemas August 17th) . A funny, powerful and beautifully bittersweet story that follows Margot (Michelle Williams BLUE VALENTINE, MY WEEK WITH MARILYN), as she struggles to choose between two different types of love. As her mind and heart battle against each other, and caught in the swealtering heat of a hot Toronto summer, Margot uncovers and ignites a side to herself that she never knew existed. TAKE THIS WALTZ also features standout performances from Seth Rogen (50/50, SUPERBAD), Sarah Silverman (SCHOOL OF ROCK) and Luke Kirby (SHATTERED GLASS).

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Aug 17, 2012

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