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Super Summer DVD Line Up From BBC Children's DVD

BBC Worldwide has a bonanza of pre-school BBC Children's DVDs out for Summer 2008. Pre-school favourites Lunar Jim, Me Too! Jackanory Junior and Boogie Beebies are the first DVDs to be released at a new lower price point of just £7.99. Packaged in distinctive red cases, these DVDs are perfect entertainment for little ones the country over.

Lunar Jim: Moona Luna Adventures

It's one small step for man, one giant leap for Jim-kind! Lunar Jim and his chums touchdown on 14 July 2008.

Moona Luna Adventures features 10 super space stories - packed in to 100 minutes of lunar fun. The DVD includes Crater Critter where Ted discovers a fascinating new creature that starts chomping through everything in the Ecodome and Force Field Trampoline about an amazing gem that has special bouncing powers!

Me Too! Welcome To The City

Me Too! the live action drama for pre-schoolers jumps into shops on DVD. Me Too! Welcome to the City is available on 28 July 2008.

Me Too! sets stories against the background of a busy modern city in perpetual motion. Granny Murray and friends help children explore the parallel worlds of going to nursery and adults at work. Brimming with over 100 minutes of stories and fun, these episodes include a trip to a firework display and telling the moral tale of taking one thing at a time.

Jackanory Junior

Classic story-time is back as Jackanory is reinvented for the 21st century! Jackanory Junior is available to own from 11 August 2008.

Jackanory Junior features over 2 hours of enchanting episodes read by well-loved British TV and film actors including Martin Clunes and Art Malik. These gripping tales are brought to life for a CBeebies audience by using CGI and other animation styles, guaranteed to keep little fidgets still!

Boogie Beebies: Move Your Feet To The Beat

Pete and Nat are back to teach everyone some cool new dances and songs in some exciting new places. Boogie Beebies: Move Your Feet to the Beat is in shops from 25 August 2008. Make sure there is plenty of space around because when the little ones watch this they can't help but move!

Featuring over 2 hours worth of all-singing, all-dancing episodes including Chuffa Chuffa Chawoowoo where Pete explores moves inspired by steam trains and Do the Duck in which Nat dances like ducks and other water birds.

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