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Storm (2005) in May

TLA Releasing have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Storm on 19th May 2008 priced at £14.99. This Danger After Dark title offers a mix of hardcore action and violence with graphic novel and videogame influences. Storm is a fantasy thriller from Sweden directed by Mans Marland and Bjorn Stein.

Danny (Eric Ericson), a young journalist slacker who exists on using his clout to get free alcohol and avoid any type of commitment, meets a fiery-haired woman named Lova (Eva Rose) who hands him a simple-looking box. His life begins to spiral out of control as a group of evil assailants, who are hell-bent on reclaiming the mysterious box, begin to pursue him. Forced to work with Lova, Danny is on the run from the thugs who murder anyone who gets in their way, leaving behind a trail of gory victims. Danny realises that he is being framed for the murders and is forced to venture back to the rural town where he grew up. But hiding out is not a safe refuge for Danny as dark secrets from his past begin to creep up causing the young man to question his sanity and fall deeper into a horrifying abyss of lies and deception.

Extras include a photo gallery and trailer.

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