Star Wars: Episode IX has a new writer... Jack Thorne

News just in - Star Wars: Episode IX has a new writer. Jack Thorne, who has a strong pedigree in British TV (he penned episodes of Skins, Shameless and National Treasure and also was involved in the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stage script) is picking up script writing duties from Colin Trevorrow who was previously both writing and directing the film and Trevorrow's regular writing partner Derek Connolly.

It's not unusual for a Star Wars (or any) film to have multiple screenwriters, but we can already here the rumour mill cranking up a gear - expect the gutter web to start running foreboding stories on Trevorrow's future in the franchise.

Right now, other than scriptwriting changes, nothing else has happened and the film is still on course for a mid-2019 release. It is expected to commence shooting in January following the release of The Last Jedi.

If you want to see what Jack Thorne can do with feature film writing, keep an eye open for Wonder which is due for release on 1st December.


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