Star Wars: Always - a fan trailer created by Topher Grace and Jeff Yorkes summarises all ten films to date in the best way possible

Having previously created his own cut of the Star Wars prequel trilogy that combined all three films into one tight action packed 85 minute movie, Topher Grace along with Jeff Yorkes has now gone and done the same for ALL ten films in the saga so far but instead of a film he's created this awesome trailer.

The trailer, published online as Star Wars: Always features footage from all of the films alongside some additional scenes and manages to create something that is both exciting and awe inspiring; highlighting many of the best moments from the films. There is footage from the main Skywalker legacy films as well as Rogue One and Solo.

Grace has been unable to release his version of the prequel trilogy for copyright reasons but at least we've got a chance to see what he's been able to do for the wider series...

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