Star Trek 4 may not be boldly going anywhere


Despite Star Trek Beyond being, arguably, the best Trek film in the recent ‘Kelvin’ universe, it didn’t set the box office alight. Just ahead of release there was surprise announcement that Star Trek 4 was already in the works and would reunite Chris Pine’s Kirk with his father, played by Chris Hemsworth in the first film – a plan that was then put on the back burner once the realisation dawned on Paramount that their cash cow hadn’t really delivered.

The failure to attract a huge audience could well be put at Paramount’s own feet thanks to their woeful marketing of the film during the franchise’ 50th Anniversary year.

Despite this, rumours rumbled on for the last couple of years and with the success of Star Trek DiscoveryStar Trek 4 production resumed with the announcement that S. J. Clarkson would be the first woman to direct a Star Trek film. And… then it all fell apart again with the news that negotiations with both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine had fallen apart due to their heightened salary expectations.

Now S. J. Clarkson has been signed up to direct the Game of Thrones prequel pilot thanks to a gap opening up in her schedule which coincides with reports that Paramount have decided to put Star Trek 4 on hold, possibly permanently shelving the film.

This is a real shame for fans who were warming to the Kelvin-universe films with Star Trek Beyond. It also means that we’re going to be waiting some time before we get that first woman director of a Star Trek film we were excited about.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jan 09, 2019

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