Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...And Spring arrives in September

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...And Spring for 27th September 2004 priced at £19.99. On a lake set in a valley in the depths of the mountains sits an isolated dwelling. Here, a Buddhist monk and his young apprentice live in harmony with nature.

As the seasons change and the years pass, the carefree child becomes a young man and despite the continuing wisdom that his master imparts, he finds he is not prepared emotionally for the arrival of a young woman. Not only does he wrestle with feelings of guilt and jealousy, but he is also forced to confront a darker side of his nature that had been present during his childhood. Resolving to cleanse himself, he serves a penance in the form of a religious mantra. Later, as winter comes, a woman arrives with a young son and as death makes way for new life, the man assumes the mantle of teacher. Life and nature have come full circle.

Breathtaking and visually arresting, Kim Ki-Duk’s Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...And Spring has captivated worldwide audiences and critics alike. It is a unique and exquisite exploration of the human condition and its infinite complexities is one of the most captivating, lyrical and thought-provoking films ever made.

DVD feautres include:

  • Anamorphic widescreen presentation
  • Korean DD2.0, DD5.1 and DTS 5.1 Surround
  • English subtitles
  • Photo gallery
  • ‘Making of’ featurette
  • Original trailer
  • 4-page booklet by Tim Robey

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