Spirited Away Japanese release details

After Studio Ghibli and Buena Vista Japan revealed their plans for the DVD release of Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi aka Spirited Away (as reported here) back in April fans have been awaiting the opportunity to pre-order their copy and now you can as the official release date has been set for July 19th 2002.

The details for the 3 different editions have not changed that much (the Chinese DD2.0 Soundtrack has been dropped) since our previous news article but we do have some more solid information on the contents of the DVD that will be identical across all 3 releases so a brief recap is in order...

Disc 1

  • Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation
  • Japanese DTS ES and DD2.0 Audio Tracks

  • French DD2.0 Audio Track

  • English, French and Japanese subtitles
Disc 2
  • Film/Storyboards Multi-Angle Presentation

  • 22 Theatrical Trailers (30-minutes)

  • Introducing Studio Ghibli film "Neko no Ongaeshi"
The retail price for this 'Regular' Edition is 4700yen while the two Limited Edition sets simply add non-dvd based extra features into the deal for the extra cash. These sets are however proving extremely difficult to obtain for anyone outside of Japan (and even within Japan from what has been reported!) with none of the regular online retailers offering them and the most popular sites, CDJapan and Amotokyo saying they simply cannot offer these sets for sale due to Buena Vista having chosen specific retailers to carry these items. One such online retailer is Lawson who have already sold out of their quota for each set (and do not offer international sales anyway).

Again the extra content found in the Limited Edition sets has not changed in any way but we do now have pictures of the items (if only to torture the fans with, myself included!)...

Limited Edition Set with ABURAYA Diorama, Haku's Rice ball figure, 3 Posters and the Berlin International Movie Festival Booklet (where Spirited Away won the Golden Bear award). Limited to 10,000 copies and retails for 15,000yen.

ABURAYA Diorama is W200xH190xD1700mm and weighs approx 1.7kg

Riceball which will also be given away to those who pre-order the Regular Edition early

Posters 1 & 2 are B2 size - W514xH728mm)

Poster 3 is B2 Size - this is also the current DVD Front Cover

Berlin Film Festival Booklet is A4 size and approx 47pages
As noted above Poster 3 is also the current DVD Front Cover design and the riceball will be available to those who pre-order the regular edition very early as a free gift.

Limited Edtion Studio Ghibli DVD Player set features this superb looking player (if a little technically inadequate) for 19,800yen and although no exact numbers are know, it is VERY limited in quantity!

Due to the high cost of even the regular edition this release will mainly be for the fans and those who just like to get their films early but for everyone else you will be pleased to hear that various DVD releases are expected around the world most likely by Q4 2002/Q1 2003.

Sources: Retailers already mentioned and impress Watch.

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