Spider-Man vs Doc Ock in July

Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Spider-Man vs Doc Ock for 5th July 2004. This obvious tie-in to the live-action sequels theatrical debut includes four animated episodes that build into one great story:

Doc Octopus: Armed & Dangerous
Otto Octavious, a respected scientist and inventor transforms in to Doc Ock when his robotic arms become fused to his spine in a laboratory accident. Bitter and insane, he kidnaps heiress Felicia Hardy and holds her for a ransom that will make up for the humiliation he's suffered at the hands of the Hardy Foundation. Daily Bugle publisher and Peter Parker’s boss, J. Jonah Jameson becomes an accidental captive. Can Spider-Man save them both in time?

The Cat
Spidey’s adventures continue as Doc Ock blackmails the mother of Felicia Hardy, Anastasia Hardy, over some dark family secrets. Through the Daily Bugle files and a confession by Anastasia, Peter reveals that Felicia's father was really the Cat Burglar, a thief who got rich from the gains of a huge robbery. Kingpin and Insidious Six, two of Spidey’s oldest rivals joins forces with Doc Ock to escape Hardy from jail, as Hardy holds the secret to the 1940's "Super Soldier" formula To make sure the Cat Burglar co-operates, Kingpin kidnaps Felicia – Can Spidey save the day?

The Black Cat
When Hardy is forced to reveal the Super Soldier formula, it's tested on his daughter Felicia whom is transformed into the Black Cat and sent on a burglary assignment by Kingpin. When the Black Cat and Spidey tussle, Spider-Man is determined to find out who she is. Things get difficult when they are pursued and an all-out attack on the Kingpin's vehicle – the stealth ship- ensues. Spidey will need to use all his powers to save himself and Felcia.

The Black Cat wants Spider-Man to make their partnership official, but Alistair Smythe, one of Spidey’s foes of old captures them and takes the Black Cat hostage. Smythe now delivers Spidey an ultimatum: catch the arch villains Scorpion or the Vulture within 24 hours or the Black Cat dies...It is left to Spidey to save Felicia!

DVD Extras:

  • Stan Lee’s soapbox
  • Episode introductions by legendary comic book creator Stan Lee
  • Classic 1967 Bonus Episodes: The Power Of Dr. Octopus/Sub Zero for Spidey
Here is a preview of the cover art, the final product will carry a PG rating...

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