Sony announce details of SACD compatible DVD Players

Sony have just released some details of their new SACD compatible range of DVD players, the NS700V due for sale in September for an approximate RRP of £350 and the NS900V launching in October at an RRP of around £500.

The new players can playback both two-channel stereo Super Audio CD software and 3/3.1/4/4.1/5 and 5.1 multi-channel Super Audio CD software.

They will also be capable of playing CDR/RW discs, which is a welcome addition and means buyers won't have to rely on supplies of discs from specific manufacturers as they do with the current Sony players.

Both models use the same audio processing technology, Direct Stream Digital (DSD) for SACD playback, it features an 2822,4kHz/1 bit DSD Audio D/A Converter.

They also feature Sony's Digital Cinema Sound (DCS) for 5.1 multi-channel speaker installations, Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG decoders and 192kHz/24 bit high performance Audio D/A Converter are integrated.

The DVP-NS900V is constructed around a rigid chassis with a brushed aluminum front panel and equipped with high quality audio parts, such as an R-Core transformer, Audio Isolated Circuit Board, Variable Coefficient (VC) Digital Filter, Video Off function and off-center insulator feet.

Both players also utilise Sony's Digital Video Enhancer (DVE), designed to enhance and sharpen edge detail on images, the DVP-NS900 also has a 54MHz/10 bit Video D/A converter.

Images an be adjusted using the digital video equaliser feature, allowing the user to manipulate gamma correction, colour, brightness, hue etc.

The machines also come with a new remote control that sports an Liquid Crystal Display.

As always, these players will be available in Silver or Black.

These new DVD players accentuate Sony's commitment to SACD and will continue to set the stage for an interesting battle between SACD and DVD-A, particulary with some notable DVD-A compatible releases from manufacturers such as Panasonic due in the coming months.

The success of either format will depend greatly on the stakeholders in the two camps getting their message across effectively through the media, at this stage Sony seem to have the edge in that area, with a greater focus on increasing the public awareness of SACD compatible products.

We are hoping to get review equipment at some point in the future, more news on that to follow.

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