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Somewhere (UK) in April

Universal Pictures have announced the UK DVD and Blu-ray Disc release of Somewhere on 4th April 2011. From writer/director Sofia Coppola, Somewhere is an intimate story set in contemporary Los Angeles that offers a witty, moving and empathetic look into the orbit of Hollywood actor Johnny Marco (played by Stephen Dorff).

Marco stumbles through a life of excess, living out of the legendary Chateau Marmont Hotel; he has a Ferrari to drive around in, and a constant stream of girls and pills to stay in with. Comfortably numbed, Johnny drifts along. Following an unexpected visit from his 11-year-old daughter, Cleo (played by Elle Fanning), their encounters encourage Johnny to face up to where he is with life, and confront the question that at some point we all must; which path in life will you take?

There are no extras listed but the BBFC have recently passed a 17minute making of featurette so you'll probably find that on the discs.


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