Soft Cell's Non-Stop Exotic Video Show in July

Sanctuary Visual Entertainment have announced the UK DVD release of Non-Stop Exotic Video Show - Soft Cell for 26th July 2004 with a retail price of £15.99. Providing a long awaited companion to the 1981 album 'Non Stop Erotic Cabaret', this DVD offers a collection of videos which truly showcase man and machine in perfect harmony.

'Non-Stop Exotic Video Show's' DVD debut benefits from remastered Dolby Digital Stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; transforming the audio and heightening the drama Soft Cell's music is most famous for. It also contains the full audio version of Sex Dwarf (not featured in the original VHS release) with exclusive Soft Cell inspired animation, extending the track to 5.15 minutes.

Presented in 4:3 Full Frame subtitles are available in French, German and Italian.

Track Listing: Entertain Me, Bedsitter, Frustrations, Torch, Seedy Films, Secret Life, Tainted Love, Youth, Memorabilia, Sex Dwarf (Intro), What, Say Hello Wave Goodbye.

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