Small Axe: Alex Wheatle trailer: Steve McQueen's latest recalls the Brixton uprising and the writer's political awakening

Yesterday's Small Axe entry was based on the true story of Lero Logan, and Steve McQueen moves his focus next Sunday to tell writer Alex Wheatle's story. The novelist and poet whose arrest during the Brixton uprising in 1981 saw him become more politically aware and active, with books like Brixton Rock and East of Acre Lane taking inspiration from his own experiences. He's a writer who has not received the recognition deserved for his writing and hopefully McQueen's film will inspire more people to read his work. Watch the trailer for Alex Wheatle above.

Alex Wheatle follows the true story of award-winning writer, Alex Wheatle, from a young boy through his early adult years. Having spent his childhood in a mostly white institutional care home with no love or family, he finally finds not only a sense of community for the first time in Brixton, but his identity and ability to grow his passion for music and DJing. When he is thrown in prison during the Brixton Uprising of 1981, he confronts his past and sees a path to healing.

Sheyi Cole, Robbie Gee, Jonathan Jules, Johann Myers, Elliot Edusah, Khali Best, Fumilayo Brown-Olateju and Dexter Flanders all star.

Alex Wheatle plays on BBC One on December 6 and on Amazon Prime from December 11.

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