Slight changes

You may have noticed that the bar at the top of the page has changed slightly. The link to the WAP site has been replaced with a slightly more useful search field - the search option was pretty underused so hopefully this will go some way to making it more popular. I've now added comments the the items covered in a search. This may or may not be useful to you, but it's there now!

I think I have now fixed the problems with the site customisation options - a dodgy bit of scripting on my part appears to have been to blame. Not many people have made use of the site configuration options - you can do quite a lot from fairly basic colour changes to more useful things such as choosing the number of news items displayed and turning the side bars off.

Those of you who post comments may also have noticed that once you log in to the site there's no need to enter your name every time you want to post. I am planning to remove the need to enter your password as well, but there are a few minor security issues that need attention before I implement this.

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