Slice trailer: Chance the Rapper and Zazie Beetz deliver a horror comedy

Chance the Rapper definitely isn't the first and certainly won't be the last rapper to give this acting thing a crack (everyone's trying to catch up with Donald Glover and A$AP Rocky isn't too bad either) and Slice sees him feature in a very 80s-style horror comedy that doesn't look like it's trying to scare you at all. Zazie Beetz is another main attraction that might make this worth a watch. Check out the trailer for Slice above to see what's in store.

In a spooky small town, when a slew of pizza delivery boys are slain on the job, two daring survivors set out to catch the culprits behind the cryptic crime spree.

Director Austin Vesely makes his debut after directing a number of Chance's videos, with Paul Scheer, Y'lan Noel, Will Brill and Katherine Cunningham also in the cast.

There's no fixed date for the release of Slice but it will be before the end of the year.

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