Site problems: update

I've now managed to fix the problems mentioned in the news item below. Hopefully, the site should now be functioning correctly again!

As you may have gathered, part of the upgrade was the addition of that Registration box over on the right. This gives you the opportunity to log into the site - and the site will remember you every time you visit. This will allow for quite a lot of customisation, and I am planning to implement the first elements of this shortly.

I also have upgraded the review engine - now reviews are created dynamically. This won't actually make that much difference to you, but it does mean that all new reviews will benefit from this new customisation functionality and will act accordingly.

As is always the case with program changes, there's a good chance that something will stop working correctly - if you notice any more problems then please mail me or comment on this news item. Hopefully, there shouldn't be anything too major waiting to crop up and take down the entire site!!!

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