Simpsons - the classification process has begun!

Thanks to Paul Newman for sniffing this out for me! Over at the BBFC website we're beginning to see some Simpsons material being submitted for classification.

It looks like the first Simpsons releases will include:

'Never Before Seen Outtakes' (5 minutes)
'The Simpsons: America's First Family' (4 minutes 48 seconds)
'Animatic' (1 minute 49 seconds)
'Easter Egg' (1 minute 45 seconds)
'On your marks, get set, d'oh - good sports make sports good' (2 minutes 6 seconds)
'Albert Brooks Outtakes' (3 minutes 43 seconds)
'Good Night Simpsons - Tracy Ullman Short' (1 minute 56 seconds)

I'm currently trying to get a little bit more information out of Fox as to what we can expect and when we can expect it! In the mean time, will you be buying The Simpsons on DVD when it finally does appear? Let us know in our latest poll.

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