Simpsons - on for September...

We can now confirm through various sources that The Simpsons: Season One is due to appear in Region 2 in September. We also have some details on the price, and what we can expect from the packaging (click the image on the right to enlarge it).

First up, the date is expected to be 24 September. However, this was the original planned worldwide release date and seeing as the US get it a week earlier we could also see it a week earlier in Region 2. The image to the right gives us a good idea of what to expect - however, our friend Retronana has had the chance to actually see the packaging on a recent visit to Fox and describes it as follows:

"The box is made of a silver "holographic" style cardboard (it's a bit like the USA Toy Story 1/2 box set but better... much better!). It opens up much like the Planet of apes R1 box set.
The price is expected to be £39.99. In terms of extra material, we can expect a commentary by Matt Groening on most if not all of the episodes along with at least the following in the way of extras:
  • 'Never Before Seen Outtakes' (5 minutes)
  • 'The Simpsons: America's First Family' (4 minutes 48 seconds)
  • 'Animatic' (1 minute 49 seconds)
  • 'Easter Egg' (1 minute 45 seconds)
  • 'Albert Brooks Outtakes' (3 minutes 43 seconds)
  • 'Good Night Simpsons - Tracy Ullman Short' (1 minute 56 seconds)
The first season consists of 13 episodes. As always, keep an eye on the site as we're still digging for more info on this one...

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