Sid & Judy trailer: An insight into the life and loves of Judy Garland

Not to be confused with Alex Cox's Sid and Nancy (although perhaps playing on that title), Sid and Judy is a documentary looking back on the turbulent relationship between Judy Garland and her husband and manager, Sid Luft. The timing is no doubt aimed to make the most of the buzz around the Judy biopic that could see Renée Zellweger grab an Oscar nomination come February. The film played at LFF this year and features Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jon Hamm giving voice to Judy and Sid respectively. So far it has far picked up strong reviews and you can watch the trailer for Sid & Judy above.

Sid & Judy tells the story of Judy Garland’s phoenix-like rise from the ashes to the absolute heights of fame, driven by her great and turbulent love affair with Sid Luft, her third husband, who managed her through triumphant highs and crushing lows, during the course of their 13 year marriage. It is the story of how The Star became The Legend. Based in part on Sid Luft’s recently published memoir and a wealth of never-before-seen (or heard) personal archive, the film puts the viewer inside Sid and Judy’s intimate world. It is a privileged view inside the lives of one of our greatest icons of the stage and screen, full of all her passion and wit, her madness and her magnificence; and lots and lots of her songs. It is a new look at Judy for a new generation, and a celebration of Judy for those who still remember, cherish, and love her.

Sid & Judy gets a digital release in the UK on December 16.

Sid & Judy (2019)
Dir: Stephen Kijak | Cast: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jon Hamm, Judy Garland, Norman Jewison | Writers: Claire Didier, Stephen Kijak

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