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Shun Li and The Poet in September

Artificial Eye have announced the DVD release of Shun Li and the Poet for September 23rd, 2013. From the press release…

Andrea Segre’s tender, subtle, award-winning drama tells the story of Shun Li, a Chinese immigrant working in a bar on a small island in the Veneto lagoon. Though lonely at first she slowly strikes up a rapport with Bepi, a Slavic fisherman nicknamed ‘The Poet’, and the pair forge an unlikely yet intimate bond. However, both the local Italian community and Chinese immigrant population object to the relationship and they soon find themselves driven tragically apart...

Supported by impressive performances by Tao Zhao and Rade Serbedzija, this sympathetic, evocative and profoundly humane drama has hailed Andrea Segre as an exciting new voice in contemporary cinema.

Special features will include the theatrical trailer.

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