Seventies Thrillers Due On R1

Two of the best thrillers of the seventies are coming our way on r1 DVD.

Firstly, Paramount have announced the release on the 28th August (bit of a packed day this one, with the De Palma fest already scheduled) of John Schlesinger's brilliant Marathon Man. The disc features interviews with the cast and crew, the original 1976 making-of featurette, "rare rehearsal footage" and the original trailer. We get a new anamorphic 1.85:1 transfer, a remixed 5.1 soundtrack and the original mono track in English and French. The recommended price is $29.95.

Secondly, and more vaguely, Fox will be releasing a "Five Star Edition" of The French Connection sometime in the near future, according to DVDFile. The original film will be presented on 2 discs with, presumably, lots of lovely extras and will also be available in a double pack with John Frankenheimer's rather undervalued 1975 sequel.

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