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Seven Swords in May

Hong Kong Legends have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Seven Swords for 29th May 2006 priced at £19.99. Based on the timeless classic "wuxia" novel, "Seven Swordsmen From Mountain Tian", Seven Swords is the latest high-kicking, limb-severing epic from the internationally acclaimed visionary director, Tsui Hark (Once Upon A Time In China; Swordsman).

Seven Swords stars Leon Lai (Infernal Affairs III; City Hunter), Charlie Young (New Police Story) and international action star Donnie Yen (Hero; Once Upon A Time In China II) in a monumental tale of love, betrayal, breathtaking heroism and furious swordplay.

Features on this two-disc set include:

  • Interview Galleries
    • Gallery 1: Interviews with director Tsui Hark and stars Donnie Yen, Lau Kar-Leung and Leon Lai
    • Gallery 2: Interviews with stars Duncan Chow, Charlie Young, Tai Liwu and Lu Yi
    • Gallery 3: Interviews with stars Kim So Yuen, Zhang Jingchu and Sun Honglei
  • Forging The Sword - The Making Of Seven Swords featurette including shooting diaries and production sketches
  • UK Version Deleted Scenes (x6 including Original Ending)
  • Original Version Deleted Scenes (x4)
  • Promotional Gallery
    • UK Teaser, Trailer and TV Spot
    • Hong Kong Trailers
    • International Press

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