Second Sight announce two Jarman films

Second Sight have announced Region 2 DVD releases of two Derek Jarman films. According to the press release, the discs are as follows.

Jubilee sees Queen Elizabeth 1, transported by the angel Ariel, to a bleak England of the future where chaos now reigns. Buckingham Palace has been purchased by a megalomaniac who has transformed it into a recording studio for punk musicians. A group of punk girls pass the time with acts of mindless violence, sex and the occasional murder. The DVD will feature a 40 minute interview with Jarman, will be presented in it's original ratio of 4:3 and will retail for £19.99.

Jarman's directorial debut, Sebastiane is the story of the life of St Sebastiane, the martyred Roman soldier sent into exile and tortured when he refused the advances of his commander. This poetic exploration of sexuality is beautifully filmed against a scorched desert landscape. Once again, this disc will also feature a 40 minute interview with Jarman, will also be in it's original 4:3 ration and will also retail for £19.99.

Both discs will hit the shelves on 18 June.

Colin Polonowski

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