Second Sight announce two Emmanuelle Béart classics

Second Sight have announced the UK Region 2 DVD releases of Un Couer En Hiver and L'Enfer for 30th June 2003. Considered to be two of actress Emmanuelle Béarts' most classic films you will find them presented in Anamorphic Widescreen with the original French language audio present in DD2.0 Stereo, with of course, optional English subtitles.

The following text comes direct from the PR and includes details on the bonus features you will find on the L'Enfer disc. Retail is £19.99 each.

Un Couer En Hiver

Staring two of France’s biggest stars, Emmanuelle Beart (Manon Des Sources, La Belle Noiseuse, Mission Impossible) and Daniel Auteuil (Jean de Florette, Manon des Sources) and directed by Claude Sautet, Un Coeur En Hiver is a profound and masterful film which was nominated for nine of the French Academy's coveted Cesar Awards and went on to win the award for best director.

Originally released in 1992 when Beart and Auteuil were lovers in real life, Beart stars as Camille, a beautiful violin virtuoso who is seeing Stephane’s (Auteuil) business partner Maxime. On meeting, Camille and Stephane are intrigued by each other, but Camille’s attraction to Stephane soon becomes an obsession as she tries to find love beyond his puzzling cold and emotionless responses. Set to the music of Ravel, the film is tense, emotive and subtle.


Directed and written by one of France’s most celebrated ‘New Wave’ film innovators, Claude Chabrol (Le Beau Serge, Les Bonnes Femmes, La Ceremonie), L’Enfer is an unforgettable study of obsession, adultery and jealousy.

Beart stars as Nelly, the wife of Paul (Francois Cluzet of French Kiss, L’Adversaire). With a seemingly perfect and happy life, a wonderful son and a successful business in their idyllic lakeside hotel, Paul becomes increasingly tormented by suspicions that his wife is having an affair. Gradually developing paranoid delusions about his wife’s infidelity, Paul succumbs to jealousy and his life begins to crumble. With each downward step into a spiralling madness, Paul’s former shell and personality crack completely with tragic consequences for Nelly.

DVD extras for L’Enfer include a selected scene commentary by Claude Chabrol, an interview with Claude Chabrol and a Film Introduction.

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