Scum 2-Disc CE in June

Odyssey Quest have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Scum: 2-Disc Collector's Edition for 13th June 2005 priced at £15.99. Nearly three decades after it was first made, the original banned BBC TV version of Scum starring Ray Winstone and Phil Daniels is set to makes its DVD premiere as part of a special collector's edition that will also include the equally notorious 1979 film version.

The Collector's Edition includes a number of compelling extras including commentaries from producer Margaret Matheson the producer of the TV version, Phil Daniels and David Threlfall, and interviews with Derek Malcolm and Margaret Matheson on the television version. The theatrical version includes a commentary from Ray Winstone (exclusive to the UK), and interviews with Clive Parsons, Davina Belling and Don Boyd. A limited edition will be packaged in a brand new steel book format, and there will be a slipcase version also available.

Both versions of this disturbingly and highly controversial drama were directed by Alan Clarke. Written by Roy Minton, the original television version was made in 1977, but its brutal depiction of life in a boys' borstal was deemed so uncompromising and controversial that it was pulled from transmission and was not broadcast until 1991, one year after Clarke's death, when it was finally screened on British television as part of a season on the theme on censorship. The film version of Scum had been screened by Channel 4 in 1983 with scarcely any complaint until Mary Whitehouse, a crusader against sex and violence on TV, took the IBA to judicial review for allowing its transmission without a referral to the whole Authority.

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