Scott Derrickson To Direct Beware The Night

The Emily Rose director gets another horror.

Dig police thrillers? Like paranormal horrors? Then you might be interested to know that director Scott Derrickson, has just been confirmed to helm the paranormal police thriller, Beware The Night, so says The Wrap.

The film will be set in a world similar to our own except with an abundance of unholy goings on having to be followed up by a New York police officer. Rather than the occasional domestic dispute and handing out parking tickets, this member of NYPD’s finest has to deal with demonic possession, exorcisms and werewolves on his night shift. Now whilst this has every reason to sound like a comedy of sorts, we doubt that’ll be the case considering Derrickson’s resume.

Having made a name for himself with The Exorcism Of Emily Rose and upcoming scare-fest Sinister (which is arriving in the UK October 5), this sounds like fairly familiar territory for the director. Don’t expect anything too low budget though, as The Wrap goes onto mention that Jerry Bruckheimer might be chucking a few pennies at the project as well.

At the moment Derrickson’s name is the only one attached to the project but expect a few more to crop up in the coming months.

Nick Staniforth

Updated: Sep 05, 2012

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