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Say night-night with all your favourite CBeebies characters!

It’s time to put on your pyjamas and snuggle up as BBC Worldwide releases a bedtime themed DVD!

CBeebies: Bedtime is released on 20th October 2008, priced £9.99 and features almost three hours of everybody’s favourite characters getting ready to go to sleep. Will Lola ever be sleepy enough to go to bed? Will the Teletubbies be quiet enough so they don’t wake Dipsy? With fantastic extras that include the CBeebies Sunset song and Bedtime mode, little ones are sure to join their favourite characters in drifting off to sleep with a smile on their face.

Featuring the following ten episodes, CBeebies: Bedtime is available from 20th October:

Charlie and Lola - I am not sleepy and I will not go to bed: Lola drinks pink milk with tigers, cleans her teeth with a lion, shoos whales down the plughole and has a pyjama party with some dancing dogs. When at last, Charlie manages to get his little sister to feel sleepy, there’s a surprise waiting for him in his bed.

Fimbles - Moon: When Fimbo finds the moon, Pom decides that she wants it for herself. Florrie finds a way to make Pom’s wish come true.

Me Too! - I want to say Goodnight: Bobby misses Kai's call to say goodnight so she dashes across the city and does it in person.

Teletubbies - Putting Angus to bed: The Teletubbies watch James help his mummy put his baby brother, Angus to bed. In Teletubbyland, Dipsy is asleep, so the other Teletubbies are being quiet. But they find it very difficult to be quiet and not wake Dipsy up.

Jackanory Junior - The King of Capri: Holly Aird tells the Jeanette Winterson tale of a selfish king and the poor washer-woman he falls in love with.

Roly Mo Show - Sweet Dreams: Little Bo, Yugo and Migo settle down for a good night’s sleep, but only after Roly's shown them how to make sure that their dreams are always sweet.

Little Robots - Sweet Dreams Scary: Scary’s so tired he falls asleep when he’s in the middle of one of his magic tricks. Tiny and the others eventually winkle out of him the fact that he was woken in the night by a thrilling dream and couldn’t get back to sleep. Tiny and Noisy vow to help.

Balamory: Bedtime: Archie invents a waking-up machine, but it goes wrong, keeping him awake all night so that he falls asleep during the day! Josie Jump’s exercises help Archie to stay awake so that he can get a good night’s sleep.

Tweenies - Sleepover: Bella comes to sleep over with Fizz - but will she stay the night?

Charlie and Lola - Can you maybe turn the light on?: Lola isn’t scared of the dark - she just wants the bedroom door open, the window blind up and the light on...that’s all! Charlie tries to rid his sister of her fear of the dark.

Extras included on the disc are the CBeebies Sunset song, CBeebies Good Night song and Pui’s Strange New Worlds, a bedtime journey of imagination. The DVD also includes a Bedtime mode, allowing parents to select an episode, after which the DVD will play the bedtime song, indicating that it is time for bed!

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