Sapphire & Steele in August

Carlton Visual Entertainment have announced their Region 2 DVD plans for the 1978 cult sci-fi fantasy series Sapphire & Steel. Set for release on 12th August 2002 Carlton will release the first three assignments from the original six part series in a three DVD digi-pack format. Each DVD features a separate assignment and the set comprises 20 episodes. You will also find introductions, TV Times articles, a stills gallery, cast biographies and English Hard of Hearing subtitles on each disc of this set for the retail price of £39.99.

The three featured Assignments are:

Assignment I (6 episodes) - In a cold remote house by the sea, a young girl has nursery rhymes read to her by her parents. Downstairs her brother does his homework. One by one the clocks stop and then the grown-ups disappear...

Assignment II (8 episodes) - A ghost hunter, Tully, makes contact with the spirit of a WW1 Soldier and in doing so arouses the wrath of darkness, an evil forces that feeds off the resentment of people who have died prematurely.

Assignment III (6 episodes) - A couple from the future occupy a time capsule in the present day. Time, resentful and bitter, begins to menace them, transforming their young child into an adult.

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