Sans Soleil/La Jetée double feature from Nouveaux

Nouveaux Pictures have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Chris Marker's Sans Soleil and La Jetée on one double feature disc. Available from 28th July 2003, extras include a booklet and the 10-minute short film, "Chris on Chris" – a profile of director Chris Marker by Chris Darke.

From the Press Release...

Revered by fellow filmmakers and critics alike, director, photographer, videographer, poet, journalist, multimedia artist, designer, and world traveller Chris Marker is considered one of the most innovative and influential figures in modern cinema.
Marker's 1964 film, the 28-minute LA JETEE, is a true cinematic landmark. The inspiration behind Terry Gilliam's "Twelve Monkeys" (which is essentially a two-hour remake of Marker's economically efficient masterpiece), LA JETEE is composed almost entirely of black and white stills (apart from one short, startling sequence) set against a stark voice-over narration. It is a haunting work that remains one of the most influential science-fiction films of all time.

During a day trip to Orly airport to watch the planes taking off, a young boy witnesses the fatal shooting of a man and finds himself gazing into the face of an entrancingly beautiful young woman. It is an episode he never forgets. Years later, and Paris has been devastated by a nuclear war which has forced the survivors to live underground. Experiments are underway researching the possibilities of time travel, with the intention of sending someone back in time to a pre-holocaust world in order to prevent the war and thereby save the human race. Following initially disappointing results, with volunteers either driven mad or killed by their experiences, the scientists behind the experiments realise they need a subject with a memory vivid enough to anchor him to the present.

As with "La Jetée", Marker transports his audience to a different dimension of experience with his 1982 100-minute documentary SANS SOLEIL, a cinematic meditation on time, place and memory. An unknown woman reads the writings of a cameraman who travels the world, visiting such far-flung and diverse locations as Japan, Africa, France, Iceland and the USA (specifically San Francisco), to produce a study of ‘the dreams of the human race'. Comparing and contrasting the locations visited, the filmmaker relates his own personal reflections to the history of the world, and even finds time to include a fascinating appraisal of Hitchcock's classic thriller "Vertigo". SANS SOLEIL is an astonishingly intimate reference that stands up to and, indeed, rewards repeated viewings.

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