Run This Town trailer: A SXSW political thriller coming soon to Twitter

If Facebook and YouTube can make and stream their own shows and films, then why not Twitter too? Run This Town initially played at SXSW and picked up solid reviews along the way. Thanks to a deal struck between Oscilloscope and Twitter, the film will now stream on the social media platform in early March. While the idea may seem a little strange at first, Oscilloscope are basically looking to use Twitter's analytical data to help with promotion - and to use the data to make it a success at the box office. If it works out well, expect to see much more of this over the next few years. Watch the trailer for Run This Town above.

A young journalist and a young political aide become entangled in a larger-than-life political scandal as they struggle to navigate adult life. Like all their friends, Bram and Kamal are struggling to climb the ladders at their respective workplaces: Bram at a newspaper, Kamal at City Hall. When Bram learns of a scandal involving Kamal’s larger-than-life boss, he seizes the moment to advance his career. Meanwhile, Kamal grapples with containing the story while maintaining his integrity.

Ricky Tollman is making his directorial debut, with Ben Platt leading a cast including Mena Massoud, Nina Dobrev, Scott Speedman, Jennifer Ehle, and Damian Lewis.

Run This Town arrives in cinemas, VOD and Twitter from March 6.

Run This Town (2019)
Dir: Ricky Tollman | Cast: Damian Lewis, Jennifer Ehle, Mena Massoud, Nina Dobrev | Writer: Ricky Tollman

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