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Rumour - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to become a film

Disclaimer - we rarely publish rumours like this but various pieces of this jigsaw puzzle have been coming together while we've tried to corroborate. While we still haven't confirmed it's all true we thought it was time to share with you. Please take those bits that haven't been officially confirmed as true with a pinch of salt.

We were contacted a few weeks ago by a source in Warner suggesting that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was being developed as a film, we've spent much of the time since then trying to corroborate their evidence without too much luck. Everyone else has been very very tight lipped. Our source is also a new one but has proven to us their Warner connection and at lease one of their claims has been confirmed as being correct while we've been sat on this. With that in mind, this is what we've been told (quotes are the exact words our source has said).

The film is planned for release no earlier than 2019 in order to ensure "maximum exposure for the stage show" - the idea being that it would kickstart a "second series of films in the franchise". There have been very early preliminary talks with the main stars of the first eight films, but Warner isn't wedded to them and is willing to start afresh if with a new cast much in the same way the stage show did. Initial plans are for a trilogy of films but things are fluid.

A week after we were first contacted Den of Geek reported that Warner have put a team in place to manage the future of Potter on film and other media. Another development in the last 24 hours has convinced us to take the risk in publishing this news - IP publisher Bryan Conroy has discovered that Warner have applied for a trademark for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the UK which suggests the studio certainly has access to the property. Conroy has since updated his post to suggest he now has knowledge of the title of the next book from J K Rowling too.

Our Warner source also hinted that there were further spin-offs in the mould of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them being considered, and J K Rowling has previously stated that Fantastic Beasts is the first of a trilogy of films. Further to this our source says they allegedly want to "emulate the Star Wars model and explore other characters in the Potterverse".

Finally, Potter author J K Rowling is going to be involved in "developing the storylines for the future films" and that there are going to be attached novelisations written by the author. She'll be less involved in the spin-offs and these will be driven more by outside writers but "based on ideas and characters in the existing books".

What is clear is that Warner are still fully invested in Harry Potter and further films and stories in that universe are almost certainly guaranteed.

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