Rose Plays Julie trailer: A young woman changes identity to face up to her dark, unknown past

New Wave continually curate a fantastic roster of films for release in the UK each year and in Rose Plays Julie it looks like they have another cracker lined up for later this year. The film industry in Ireland has been undergoing something of a boom over the past few years, producing some extremely well-made indies such as Michael Inside and Rosie, and this looks like another to add to that list. It made its debut at LFF last year and early reviews have so far been very positive. The trailer is well-cut and builds a real sense of suspense and mystery, so hopefully that translates into the feature length itself. Watch the Rose Plays Julie trailer above to see for yourself.

As an only child, Rose has enjoyed a loving relationship with her adoptive parents. However, for as long as she can remember she has wanted to know who her biological parents are and the facts of her true identity. After years trying to trace her birth mother, Rose now has a name and a number. When she contacts her birth mother, it quickly becomes clear that her birth mother has no wish to have any contact. Rose is shattered. As a renewed and deepened sense of rejection compels her, she travels from Dublin to London in an effort to confront her birth mother, Ellen. Ellen is deeply disturbed when Rose turns up unannounced, but eventually feels forced to reveal a secret she has kept hidden for over 20 years. This shocking revelation forces Rose to accept the violent nature of how she came into existence and she sets out to confront her biological father, Peter. What Rose cannot possibly foresee is that she is on a collision course that will prove both violent and unsettling - dark forces gather and threaten to destroy her already fragile sense of her own identity.

Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor write and direct a cast starring Ann Skelly, Orla Brady and Aidan Gillen.

Rose Plays Julie arrives in UK cinemas this May, with an exact date yet to be announced.

Rose Plays Julie (2019)
Dir: Christine Molloy, Joe Lawlor | Cast: Aidan Gillen, Ann Skelly, Annabell Rickerby, Orla Brady | Writers: Christine Molloy, Joe Lawlor

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