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Rome Season 1 (R2) in July have sent in the early scoop on HBO Video’s UK DVD release of Rome: Season 1, currently scheduled for 24th July 2006. This six disc box set contains all 12 episodes in their original HBO 'cut' which includes over an hour of footage not broadcast on the BBC!

The set is expected to feature some two and half hours of bonus material including…

  • Audio commentaries from members of the cast and crew
  • 'All Roads Lead To Rome': an interactive onscreen guide for all 12 episodes with insightful historical facts about ancient Rome prepared by the series' historical consultant Jonathan Stamp
  • 'Friends, Romans, Countrymen: an introduction to the characters (15 mins)
  • 'Shot x Shot - Gladiator': a 'making of' documentary on the thrilling episode 11 fight sequence (40 mins)
  • 'Shot x Shot - Triumph Of Caesar': a 'making of' documentary chronicling the epic episode 10 triumph scene (40 mins)
  • 'The Rise Of Rome': a behind-the-scenes featurette on sets, wardrobe and actors' boot camp (25 mins)
  • 'When In Rome': a featurette on the culture of ancient Rome
  • Photo gallery featuring 50 previously unseen images
  • Character guide

Dates and specs are subject to change, but these are very detailed so likely to be exactly what you'll find when officially announced. Here is a peek at the artwork...

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