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Rolling Thunder (UK) in January

Studio Canal have announced the UK Double Play release of Rolling Thunder on 30th January 2012. A revered revenge classic co-written by Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver) and starring William Devane in a stoic performance as Major Charles Rane, a man who has been pushed beyond his limits during an eight year incarceration in the Hanoi Hilton. He returns to his Texas hometown with his friend Sergeant Vohden (Tommy Lee Jones), just a vague shadow of the man he used to be. Finding himself a local celebrity and awarded with a briefcase of silver dollars- one for every day he was a POW, he tries to adapt to civilian life with his wife (Linda Haynes), who is now engaged to another man, and his son, who doesn't remember him. But any chance at healing is destroyed when a gang of thugs show up at his house to steal the silver. Tragedy thus descends on Major Rane a second time, stealing whatever shred of humanity was in him, and sending him on a one-way mission: vengeance at any cost.

Extras include:

  • Audio Commentary with Co-Writer Heywood Gould, Moderated by Roy Frumkes
  • Theatrical Trailer with Eli Roth Commentary
  • Exclusive Interview with Linda Haynes
  • Screening Q&A with Director John Flynn
  • Original TV Spot


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