Rolling Stones 'Four Flicks' DVD

Warner Vision International have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Rolling Stones 'Four Flicks' for 10th November 2003. Featuring over 5 hours of music and more than 50 songs spread across 3 DVDs you will also find a fourth DVD present featuring two exclusive behind the scenes documentaries, 'Tip of the Tongue' and 'Licks Around the World'.

The press release can explain what to expect far better than I can, so here it is...

TGA Entertainment unveiled, this week, details of The Rolling Stones four DVD set "Four Flicks". Featuring over 5 hours of music and more than 50 songs it will be released November 10 by Warner Vision International outside of North America. 3 DVDs will feature more than 25 classics including, 'Satisfaction', 'Brown Sugar', 'Jumpin' Jack Flash', and 'Sympathy for the Devil', as well as many songs never released live before including 'Love Train', 'Rock me Baby', 'Nearness of You', 'Monkey Man', 'Worried About You', and 'Hand of Fate'. The fourth DVD presents two exclusive behind the scenes documentaries, 'Tip of the Tongue' and 'Licks Around the World'.

"Four Flicks" will present the magic and excitement of having a front row seat for the spectacular sold-out and critically acclaimed Rolling Stones 'Licks' World Tour 2002/2003. It showcases the band's diversity as musicians and performers by documenting three dramatically different shows from the intimacy of the historic Olympia Theatre in Paris to the excitement of New York's legendary Madison Square Garden to the gigantic spectacle of London's Twickenham Stadium.

"This DVD includes not only the classics but songs that we have never before recorded including 'I Can't Turn You Loose,' and 'Love Train' along with songs that have never been recorded live such as 'Monkey Man' and 'Rocks off'," said the Rolling Stones.

'Tip of the Tongue', is a never seen before documentary chronicling the conception and preparations for the innovative 3 show/3 venue concept from the recording studio in Paris to Toronto where the band prepares for their 'Licks' World Tour. 'Licks Around the World' offers fans the opportunity to travel on the road with the Rolling Stones, from the tour's beginnings in the United States, through Japan, India, Europe and the United Kingdom, with bootleg tracks 'Beast of Burden', 'Bitch', 'You Don't Have To Mean It', and many other hidden features.

The 'Four Flicks' collection features the latest in DVD technology offering cutting edge interaction, special viewing features and inside commentary. Bonus features include 'Backstage Pass', which allows the viewer to cut back and forth from the performance on stage to what is going on at the same time backstage. 'Select-A-Stone' allows the viewer to select his/her own isolated camera shot of their favourite Rolling Stone. 'Band Commentary' lets the viewer drop in on the band talking about writing and recording the song currently playing. Audio options include a totally immersive Dolby 5.1 surround sound audio experience.

"Fans will get to experience the best band on their best tour," said Michael Cohl, tour director. "The Rolling Stones and TGA Entertainment have worked to present the ultimate Rolling Stones live DVD."

Ray Still, President Warner Vision International commented; "This is an absolutely compelling 4 disc release which is a must for all Stones fans. Not only all the songs you'd expect but also many additional gems from their extraordinary career. The music DVD market continues to explode and this unquestionably is one of the most significant releases to date."

The 'Four Flicks' DVD is produced by TGA Entertainment, a multi-faceted entertainment company and worldwide tour promoters for the Rolling Stones 'Licks' World Tour. The Paris/New York/London concerts were all produced and directed by Marty Callner and produced by Randy Gladstein. Audio mixes were done by Ed Cherney. The New York Madison Square Garden concert was featured on HBO and has earned four Emmy nominations.

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