Robocop Trilogy

MGM have announced that they will release the entire Robocop Trilogy of films as a DVD Boxset in February 2002. For the first time ever both Robocop and Robocop 2 will be available on R2 DVD but of even more interest to fans is that Robocop will be available in its Directors Cut format!

Confirmed features of this set are...

  • 'Directors Cut' of Robocop - your chance to watch the previously unreleased version with extra violence via integrated branching, or the version originally seen at cinemas.
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound
  • Brand new documentary 'Flesh and Steel'
  • Deleted scenes
  • Additional production reel including audio stage directions for deleted scenes
  • Commentaries by Director Paul Verhoeven and Screenwriter Ed Neumeier
  • 2 original featurettes
  • Photo gallery
  • Storyboard comparisons with commentary
  • Fantastic 'digipack' collectible packaging
We also have a packshot of the Digipack this set will be available in...

And finally we have some more indepth information on the included extra features thanks to the BBFC who have classified the 'Robocop Special Edition - Special Features' material which comes with an 18 certificate and basically delves a little deeper into what has already been confirmed via the MGM Press department.

  • Robocop - Flesh ann Steel - The Making of Robocop (36:53mins)
  • 1987 Featurette - Shooting Robocop (7:57mins)
  • 1987 Featurette - Making Robocop (7:59mins)
  • Deleted Scenes - OCP Press Conference (1:15mins)
  • Deleted Scenes - Nun in the Street (0:14mins)
  • Deleted Scenes - Topless Pizza (0:24mins)
  • Deleted Scenes - Final Media Break (0:49mins)
  • Trailer 1 (1:36mins)
  • Trailer 2 (1:21mins)
  • TV Commercial (0:29mins)
  • Storyboard Comparison with Phil Tippett Commentary (6:00mins)
If looks as though this set could well prove to be a superior alternative to the now Out of Print Criterion Edition of Robocop but of course we will have to wait until February to confirm that.

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