Robocop: The Extras

We've had a quick look at the extras to be included in the Robocop Trilogy boxset. Please note that they were supplied on VHS so I can't comment on the presentation of the extras, only the content...

First up is the new 'Flesh and Steel' documentary which is a pretty good, in-depth look at the making of the first film in the trilogy. Introduced by 'Robocop' expert, Paul Sammon the documentary features, amongst others, director Paul Verhoeven and screenwriters Ed Neumeir and Michael Miner. The interviews are remarkably candid - there has been no attempt to make the filming seem like it was fun.

Interspersed with clips from the film, the documentary gives a good insight into the making of the film. The clips are presented in a ratio of 1.85:1 and from a very brief comparison between these clips and the Criterion release reveals that very little picture information is lost and that picture composition isn't effected in the slightest. The running time for this one is around 35 minutes.

There are two featurettes which were around at the time of the film's theatrical release in 1987. 'Shooting Robocop' starts off with an 'interview' with Robocop himself followed by more traditional interviews with the cast and crew. The second, 'Making Robocop', is much the same with further interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. The total running time of both featurettes is just over 18 minutes.

There are four deleted scenes running to around four minutes, these include and 'OCP Press Conference', 'Nun in the street interview', 'Topless Pizza' and another 'Media Break' clip. In addition we also have a few trailers covering all three films.

There is a section which deconstructs the 'boardroom' ED-209 scene. Basically it's a comparison between the storyboard and the final scene with a commentary by visual effects supervisor, Phil Tippett.

The final item on this disc is 'Robocop Director's Cut' - this appears to be an amalgamation of all of the extra bits and pieces from the longer version of the film. As I understand it, the disc will actually feature both versions of the film using seamless branching to allow you to choose which version to watch. Whether or not the full release will include these clips in this format is unknown.

The trilogy will also feature commentary tracks and a photo gallery, neither of which are included on the tape I have here. All in all though, in terms of live-action features this disc is a step up from the old Criterion one. However, there's little doubt that the original disc still has a selection of important features that aren't included here.

The Robocop Trilogy is due for release on 11 February 2002.

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