Robin of Sherwood officially announced

In some news I'm very excited about, Network Video have officially announced the release of the first season of the classic 80s TV series Robin of Sherwood on UK R2 on the 22nd of October, with seasons two and three following in the new year. No details are available yet, but Network Video tell me they will be announced next week and I will provide an update when they become available. The first season contains six one-hour episodes.

Robin of Sherwood presented another telling of the classic Robin Hood story, and starred Michael Praed in the title role (for the first two seasons, before Jason Connery took the lead for the third and final one), along with Nickolas Grace as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Judi Trott as Lady Marion, Clive Mantle as Little John and Ray Winstone as Will Scarlet.

Thanks to leew over on the forums for bringing this to my attention.

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