Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland go Back to the Future via deepfake

Robert Zemickis' Back to the Future saga is one of the most loved trilogies in cinema history, with the idea of a remake seen by many as something they hope will never happen. But a deepfake starring Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland appeared on YouTube on Valentine's Day to tease what a remake of the classic sci-fi comedy could look like.

YouTube user EZRyderX47 replaced Michael J. Fox's face with Holland's and Christopher Lloyd's face with Downey Jr.'s using free software called DeepFaceLab and Hitfilm Express 13. The voices of the original actors remain the same, but their replacements uncannily fit the profile of the characters.

Of course, Holland has previously said he based his performance in Spider-Man: Homecoming on Fox's Marty McFly: “... I was actually lucky enough that a journalist said, ‘Oh, you’re kind of like Marty McFly in this movie,’ and that was what my all-time goal was... my goal was to try and kind of be our generation’s Marty McFly.”

EZRyderX47 has also carried out a role-reversal of sorts in another video, replacing Holland's face in Spider-Man with that of Fox's.

Back to the Future director, Robert Zemeckis and co-writer, Bob Gale, still hold the rights to the franchise which prevents it from being made while they are still alive. Fans hope they can future proof it against any remakes happening after they have passed away, given Hollywood's obsession with resurrecting any and every IP from the '80s. For now, the BTTF films are safe, and there's nothing wrong with having a bit of fun with videos like this as an alternative.

Back to the Future (1985)
Dir: robert zemeckis | Cast: Christopher Lloyd, Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson, Michael J. Fox | Writers: Bob Gale, Robert Zemeckis

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