Riz Ahmed's Sound of Metal drums up a late-January UK release

Riz Ahmed's Sound of Metal drums up a late-January UK release

Vertigo Releasing have announced they are planning to release Sound of Metal in UK and Irish cinemas on January 29, 2021, a film by Darius Marder starring Riz Ahmed and Olivia Cooke.

The film premiered at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival and won the Golden Eye for best international feature film at the 2019 Zurich Film Festival. Writer and director Darius Marder’s first feature film, Loot, was awarded Best Documentary prize at the 2008 Los Angeles Film Festival, and this is his first narrative feature. Marder also co-wrote The Place Beyond the Pines.

Sound of Metal follows Ruben (Riz Ahmed) and Lou (Olivia Cooke) who both live together in a beat-up RV, travelling gig to gig playing in their metal band. Suddenly Ruben, a passionate drummer, loses his hearing and his world is upended, causing him to struggle with depression and be tempted by past addictions.

We reviewed the film a couple of weeks ago and loved Ahmed's performance, although the script was mediocre, with the "journey Ruben takes from recovering addict to a man at peace with himself largely fails to convince, the gaps in the storytelling too easy to pick apart."

Reviews for Sound of Metal have generally been favourable and providing cinemas can remain open in the New Year this is could be one worth catching.

Sound of Metal (2019)
Dir: Darius Marder | Cast: Lauren Ridloff, Mathieu Amalric, Olivia Cooke, Riz Ahmed | Writers: Abraham Marder, Darius Marder, Derek Cianfrance (story by)

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