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River Queen (R2) in June

Universal Pictures have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of River Queen on 9th June 2008. Set in 1868 New Zealand, a young Irishwoman Sarah O'Brien (Samantha Morton), brings her family into disrepute when she falls pregnant to a handsome Maori man, who tragically passes away from illness before the baby is born. Abandoned by her father, a soldier in the British colonial army, Sarah finds herself all alone to face impending motherhood and life as an outcast in a community wrought by conflict between the indigenous Maori people and the marauding colonists.

Seven years on, Sarah’s young son, Boy, is suddenly kidnapped by his Maori grandfather who is eager for him to return to his native roots. Devastated, Sarah’s life becomes a search for her son with the help of her only friend, a disillusioned, broken-down soldier, Doyle (Kiefer Sutherland).

No extras have been announced.

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