Ring Trilogy Box-Set in October

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of the Ring Trilogy Box-Set: Four Disc Special Edition for 25th October 2004 priced at £39.99. Just when you thought it was safe to watch TV again, the curse of Ring strikes back. The full legend of the classic Japanese horror is presented in a four-disc box set for the first time. It brings together newly remastered versions of Hideo Nakata’s Ring and Ring 2 whilst the trilogy concludes with Norio Tsuruta’s Ring 0 and a unique and exclusive extra fourth disc will include Nakata’s unseen 2000 feature film Sleeping Bride (aka Glass Brain).

Remember it all started with that video? Once you watch it, you get a phone call that says you will die within a week. And then the spooky Sadako climbs out of the well and through your TV screen. Will you be able to live to see another day?

A cultural phenomenon in Japan with Koji Suzuki’s classic novel, films, a TV series, mangas and endless tie-in merchandise, Ringu (The Ring) made a successful leap across the Atlantic with the recent Hollywood remake, and has opened the ghostly portals for more remakes including Nakata’s Dark Water, whilst the man himself is directing the new US remake of Ring 2.

Sleeping Bride was made between Nakata’s Ring 2 and Chaos, (also forthcoming from Tartan). This distinctive take on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale which was adapted from Yuki Kohara’s popular manga. Part thriller, part comedy, it tells of a baby girl who survives a car crash before a young man wakes her from her coma 17 years later.

This specially designed box-set features completely remastered anamorphic transfers of all three Ring films, newly mixed DTS Digital and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround soundtracks.

DVD extras include: deleted Ring 0 scenes; director interviews; trailers; film notes by Kim Newman.

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