Region 'Hacking' under threat?

According to this article over at The Register, The DVD Forum - the body behind our favourite video format - are apparently taking steps to prevent further breaches of the Region protection system that has been the bane of many importers lives. The Forum is threatening Taiwanese DVD player manufacturers with legal action unless they cease production of the cheap Region-hackable players which have been flooding the market of late.

Any players submitted to the DVD Forum for certification after 1 October which are found to support multi-Region playback will not be permitted to use the DVD logo - although they can still be called DVD players (and hey, not using the official logo hasn't had much of an effect on Disney has it?).

This is the latest in a long line of attempts at enforcing Regional coding - the last being the botched attempt at introducing protection in the form of RCE (which has has been pretty much abandoned by Columbia and Warner who first thought it up - MGM have now started their own implementation of RCE). It seems that 'The Powers That Be' really don't want us importing our discs from other Regions - but the fact is that there will almost always be ways around the protection if you know where to look, and until we have ample reason to abandon other regions in favour of our own the DVD Forum and distributors are fighting a losing battle.

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