Region hacking to end?

You may remember a story a little while back regarding the threat of legal action to all manufacturers who included a workaround to the region coding of DVDs. Well, it seems that Sampo DVE-520 players with firmware dated after the 25th May are the first victims of this action. These machines can no longer access the region select menu that was once available and although it remains to be seen whether another hack will be found, it is looking doubtful.

It may also be that new batches of the Encore players also have this option removed as they use the same firmware as the aforementioned Sampo players, although again, this remains to be seen.

Hopefully this isn't an early look into the future where all players are completely region locked, but it seems that the Hollywood film industry have gotten their way with Sampo at least.

Thanks to DVD Reviewer for the above story.

Carl Prescott

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