Red, White & Blue trailer: John Boyega stars in Steve McQueen's next Small Axe episode looking at racism within the police force

Steve McQueen's Small Axe has been like a breath of fresh air for terrestrial TV, a much needed break from the never-ending cycle of 19th century costume dramas and dead-end comedies, and is up there with I Will Destroy You as some of the best TV of the year. Red, White & Blue is the next one to arrive, recalling the true story of Leroy Logan, who after seeing his father assaulted by the police decides to join the force in a belief he can change things from inside. He went on to serve for 30 years until retiring in 2013, facing racism at every level, although as we can see today, very little has changed. Watch the trailer for Red, White & Blue above.

Red, White and Blue tells the true story of Leroy Logan, a young forensic scientist with a yearning to do more than his solitary laboratory work. When he sees his father assaulted by two policemen, he finds himself driven to revisiting a childhood ambition to become a police officer; an ambition borne from the naïve hope of wanting to change racist attitudes from within. First, Leroy has to face the consequences of his father’s disapproval, never mind the blatant racism he finds in his new role as a despised yet exemplary Constable in the Metropolitan Police Force.

Also starring alongside Boyega will be Steve Toussaint, Tyrone Huntley, Nathan Vidal and Jaden Osheny.

Red, White & Blue will play on BBC One on November 29 and on Amazon Prime from December 4.

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