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Red Dwarf: The Bodysnatcher Collection & Just The Smegs DVD Collections

2 Entertain have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Red Dwarf: The Bodysnatcher Collection on 12th November 2007 priced at £49.99 RRP. This new Red Dwarf collection features the 1997 re-mastered editions of Series I to III with enhanced sound, picture and special effects. A host of brand new extras also feature – writer, director and crew commentaries, rare unseen footage, and in-depth episode documentaries featuring over 20 members of cast and crew, including (for the first time on a Dwarf DVD) exclusive contributions from rarely-seen Red Dwarf co-creator Rob Grant.

For fans of the series though, the hidden gem in this collection is the never-seen-before Red Dwarf I episode “Bodysnatcher”. This script is something of a time-travel project, intended to be filmed in 1987 the script was finally completed in 2007, uniting writing duo Rob Grant and Doug Naylor for the first time in 14 years. This episode is in the form of storyboards with a unique vocal performance by Chris Barrie. Recorded exclusively for the DVD with atmospheric sound and music, Chris perfectly portrays an entire cast of characters, creating an episode that the writers consider “one of the best of all the early series”.

As per the original series releases this is one DVD release that is truly bursting with extras, which include…

6 episode commentaries, four bonus commentaries, promo and effects reels, easter eggs and the ‘What’s Different?’ text track – detailing the remastering changes…and occasionally making fun of them.

  • ‘The Beginning’ – Original Series I Documentary (70 mins)
  • ‘It’s Cold Outside – Original Series II Documentary (70 mins)
  • ‘Red-Dwarf’ – Original Remastering Documentary (21 mins)
  • ‘The End: The Original Assembly’ – The first episode of the series...before two-thirds were re-shot. Includes Grant/Naylor commentary
  • ‘Bodysnatcher’ – The Lost Episode. Includes Grant/Naylor commentary and uncut ‘audio edition’
  • Deleted Scenes – The cast freezing to death, and Kryten’s first day at work
  • Lost Script Extracts – storyboard sequences voiced by Chris Barrie, with optional Grant/Naylor commentary
  • Rob and Doug Interview – Alan Titchmarsh in “The Most Embarrassing Interview In The Universe Ever” with hilarious Grant/Naylor commentary
  • Tongue Tied Audio Archive
  • Mobisode – an exclusive look at a new, animated Red Dwarf
  • Galleries – Rare shots from behind-the-scenes

    Then a week later on 19th November 2007 2 Entertain will release ’Just the Smegs’ – The Red Dwarf Smeg Ups & Smeg Outs DVD Collection. Priced at £15.99 RRP the collection includes the original “Smeg Ups” and “Smeg Outs” collections (previously released on VHS and then broken into segments for the DVD releases of each series) along with the following bonus features…

  • Series VII Smeg Ups (10mins)
  • Series VIII Smeg Ups (10mins)
  • The Smeg Ups: Broadcast Edition – Hosted by Kryten, Lister and Rimmer and on home release for the first time. (30mins)

    More details on both releases can be found on the official Red Dwarf website.

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